• The Brainier LMS: An award winning Learning Management System.

The crown jewel of online learning.

The Brainier LMS was created from the ground up to address the input of learners and trainers - completely new, completely unique, and completely open. With Brainier, your learning has no limits.

Cloud Based LMS

It's time your employees got their heads into the cloud.

Training that goes with your employees. Home, office, and on the road, Brainier is a cloud-based solution that allows your curriculum and content to be 100 percent accessible anywhere, at any time, and by every registered user.

Cloud Based LMS

Learning built for multiple screens.

Brainier delivers powerful video-based training across devices. Desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone - the learner can access content however they choose, using any device, operating system or platform they prefer. Brainier replaced traditional LMS barriers with doorways to make access and education easier and more effective.

Customizable LMS

A brand chameleon.

Brainier features social and collaboration tools to highlight subject matter experts and promote learning. We enable your company to brand the interface using a totally customizable skin. This way the platform feels like an immersive, firmly entrenched portion of your brand experience and learning, rather than a third-party add-on.


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- Awards -

Focused on learning. Dedicated to advanced technology.

Brainier Named in Capterra's Top 20 Most Popular for Learning Management System Software

Brainier Selected as a 2019 Top 20 LMS Provider by TrainingIndustry.com

Brainier Selected as a 2019 Top 20 Training Delivery Company by TrainingIndustry.com

Brainier Wins 2019 Top 10 Corporate LMS Solution Provider from HR TECH Outlook