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  • LMS learning online, so employees are prepared off-line.

You've never had a training asset with power like this.

Perfect for individual and classroom-based learning, the Brainier Legacy LMS works on any Web-connected computer or wide area network. This makes it perfect for companies looking to avoid maintaining CD libraries or the technical issues involved with installed training programs.

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Success Track

Create predefined custom learning paths that users must complete in priority order.

Company Forums

Easily exchange ideas, share best practices, communicate with your employees, and much more. You may create as many company forums as you'd like, each with various topics of discussion.

File Cabinet

Document management allows you to upload files and create virtual directories for learners to browse through and access on-demand.

Classroom Tracking

Track live instructor led classes, webinars, or virtual meetings with built-in registration processes and completion tracking features.

Testing / Certification

Automated random quizzes make it quick and easy to assess course comprehension. Tests provide instant feedback that is logged in detailed reports.


Choose from Self, 180° or 360°. Assessments help identify blind spots, communicate critical behaviors, motivate employees to train and give specific direction for individual development.

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