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Star Team Dynamics

Star Team Dynamics    
SKU: BK1008
Category: Books
Author: Janelle Brittain
Publisher: Oakhill Press
Year: 1999
Learn from the mistakes and successes of companies and organizations who have implemented teams. Learn what decisions and steps will enable your organization to: Decide when teams are right for your situation. Plan and design a team-based culture that will support everyone's success (an often neglected step) and redistribute the power. Help staff gracefully make the leap to teaming by implementing Star Teams. Maintain high performance of maturing teams. The Star Team Dynamics approach balances its focus on the people and the process to assure commitment, accountability and results. By respecting the intelligence and diversity of team members, and the years of experience of managers, this book helps each one make the transition. It provides ready-to-use tools, techniques and processes to set up your structures in a way that will be both resilient and responsive to the warp speed and information avalanche of these amazing times.

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