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From Budgets To Balance Sheets

From Budgets To Balance Sheets    
SKU: BK0106
Category: Books
Author: Bonnie Knapp
Publisher: Costal Training Technologies Corp
Year: 1997
"I don't know digits from widgets, Mike thought. His knowledge of finance included absolutely no coursework, and all he'd ever managed was a simple departmental budget. Sure, he could balance a checkbook, but his new duties were well beyond that. Books from the library were 300+ complicated pages! And he didn't have time for a seminar..."

Learn the financial basics! "From Budgets to Balance Sheets" has the quick answers non-financial managers are looking for! This easy-reading manual gives managers a working knowledge of key concepts from cash flow and profitability to fixed and variable expenses - even what to do with balance sheets. With this reference book, future planning and communicating financial information to employees are less difficult.

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