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TTN Classics 1

TTN Classics 1    
SKU: CP1000
Category: TTN Course Paks
Author: Various
Year: 2003
TTN Classics 1 contains three courses from our original video CD library. These courses provide timeless content that learners will find just as relevant today.

"Flexible Thinking" by Janelle Brittain. This lively course offers innovative, practical techniques for flicking the switch to access specific mental functions whenever they're needed on the job. Learn which brain switchers to use when: your brain just won't get into gear, you're not on the same wavelength with staff or clients, your energy is empty, but your inbox is not, your emotions are out of control, you need increased accuracy for detailed work, and you're feeling stuck when writing. Course length 30 min.

"Business Writing" by Business Advantage. Poor writing buries good ideas, confuses coworkers, and angers customers. Time spent on writing and rewriting and on reading and rereading also reduces personal and corporate productivity. And what about the cost of duplicated research as a result of vague reports? Safety hazards caused by unclear directions? Lost sales because of poorly written customer correspondence? Good writing is a reflection of clear thinking. Increase your productivity by sharpening your writing skills. Course length 29 min.

"How to Overcome Customer Objections" by Nido Qubein. What if every time you walked into a selling situation you knew that you had a simple system for countering any resistance from your customer or prospect? Chances are you would feel better prepared to handle the situation with energy, with power, and with success. This course will serve as a game plan to help you overcome objections. Course length 10 min.

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