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TTN Classics 2

TTN Classics 2    
SKU: CP1001
Category: TTN Course Paks
Author: Various
Year: 2003
TTN Classics 2 contains three courses from our original video CD library. These courses provide timeless content that learners will find just as relevant today.

"Collaborative Selling" by Tony Alessandra. Collaborative Selling demonstrates how to eliminate pressure and tension from the sales process and select the solutions that reward both you and your customers. This approach has been proven in sales training programs in some of the nation’s most successful companies. You will learn how to create and use a competitive advantage statement, identify their best prospects, use personal marketing to generate leads, ask the right questions, propose solutions, and more. Course length 47 min.

"IMPACT Customer Care System" by Bill Brooks. This course covers the three major reasons for effective customer service, outlines the challenges to consistent customer satisfaction, and presents the big differences between "customer care heroes" and "it’s just a job workers." It also explores the concept of Focus, Resistance and Apathy. Specific how-tos with regard to sending a positive attitude to customers is provided in great detail. Bill Brooks helps you understand what customers really want and how to analyze a customer’s style. In addition, he will teach you why customers really do get upset, and how to turn dissatisfaction into satisfaction. Course length 57 min.

"How to Stay on the Cutting Edge" by Glenna Salsbury. This life changing program provides real life solutions for gaining control of your life and your work. You will obtain practical tips for reducing your pressure and anxieties. In addition, you will discover amazing insights and formulas for measuring your own congruency, which will result in a more balanced and fulfilling life experience. Course length 50 min.

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