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Ed Foreman's Happiness, Success & Wellness Library

Ed Foreman's Happiness, Success & Wellness Library    
SKU: VP1001
Category: Valu Paks
Author: Ed Foreman
Publisher: Executive Development Systems
This is the personal development library you and your entire family can use to help you have the successful and healthy life you've always wanted. The programs are recorded from live sessions conducted by Ed Foreman for leaders throughout the world. The techniques described in these materials are not an experiment or guesswork, but are proven, life-expanding lessons right out of Ed's internationally popular 3-day Successful Life course.

It includes seven 2-CD programs: How Do You Face The Day?, Turn Teen Years Into Terrific Years, Yes, You Can Overcome Any Challenge, Gaining the Confidence to Overcome Fear in Public Speaking, Vibrant Health, The Power of Belief, and Habit Patterns of Winners.

You'll also receive the highly popular videotape "Make Every Day a Terrific Day". Many companies now use this video as their primary personal development training program for all their employees.

Plus, you'll receive the "Life Is Terrific" tote bag, two "Life is Terrific" buttons and bumper stickers, and The Daily Menu for laughing, loving and living your way to the good life.

Price: $300.00