Launching An LMS:

A Lube-Tech Case Study

Lube-Tech® launches cutting-edge employee learning with Brainier

Lube-Tech, a company celebrating 30 years in business and with roots dating back almost a hundred years, completed a renovation of its organizational learning and development strategies and tactics. Using The Brainier LMS, they rolled out a more personalized approach to training to their entire organization with much more control and nuance.

Scaling Learning To The Entire Organization

Lube-Tech is a leading provider of industrial lubricants and specially formulated private-label fluids dating back to 1929. Some 30 years ago, with an ownership change and expanded opportunities, the company began to scale rapidly, growing to roughly 10x the size since 1993. The company has sought to keep its “family business, people-first” ethos; however, growing pains are inevitable. Learning and development programs were in need of an overhaul.

Planning a Successful Roll Out

Prior to launching the LMS, learning leaders gathered 22 stakeholders from across the various Lube-Tech teams with varying levels of seniority to serve as a pilot team. They tested numerous functional capabilities to optimize the learning experience for their groups to ensure an easier adoption phase. To generate some buzz for the official launch of the platform, Lube-Tech held an on-site celebration complete with Lube-Tech University-branded swag for learners.

“We relied heavily on our marketing communications team to get this message broad and wide. We sent text messages, emails, and had meetings where people were informed of the new system. It was a full launch event that we went forward with to get our teammates hyped up about the relaunch of Lube-Tech University with the system platform.”

— Rachel Tesson

Lube-Tech Learning and Development Manager

In this case study, we look at the entire process of how Lube-Tech identified the need for better learning tech through the successful launch day. Topics include:

  • How the need for an LMS was created
  • Creating specific use cases
  • Appealing to stakeholders
  • Preparing for launch
  • Ongoing programs and strategy revisions

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