Case Studies

Check out how Brainier helps these great organizations accomplish their learning and development objectives.

Success Stories

Learning and development is an ever-evolving process. As new challenges and advantages appear, L&D programs must adapt. Here are some examples of success.

Monarch Landscape Companies

Monarch Landscape Companies manages learning progress for its 3,000+ employees with role-specific learning tracks and custom learning content. See how The Brainier LMS learning analytics suite makes it all possible.

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Lube-Tech created LTU (Lube-Tech University) to personalize learning and development programs to their 800+ employees. See the strategy decisions that went into an extremely successful launch of the platform.

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The Dixon Group

See how the Dixon Group created a new learning experience with Dixon University that allowed them to improve employee engagement and the effectiveness of compliance training.

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The Bosselman Enterprises

See why the learner’s experience is so important to the L&D process at The Bosselman Enterprises, and how learning leaders are connecting learners with The Brainier LMS to share knowledge.

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Meridian Behavioral Health

A genuine LMS success story! This Minnesota-based network of mental health clinics revolutionized their learning and development program for 1,000+ employees with the Brainier LMS and unwavering leadership.

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A favorite retail client had an issue with turnover. They partnered with Brainier to combat the issue with eLearning. See how a company with over 500 locations made a huge impact with better training.

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Fresh Ideas

How Fresh Ideas inspired their workforce to engage in learning through the Brainier LMS and simultaneously raise money to fight the growing food insecurity problem.

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