Brainier LMS

Our flagship, enterprise learning platform provides customers with tremendous flexibility for the rapidly changing and often highly-sophisticated needs of today’s learners.

Learning for any Org Chart

The Brainier LMS was created from the ground up to address the input of learners and trainers – completely new, completely unique, and completely open. With Brainier, your learning has no limits.


Learning From Anywhere

Because learning happens everywhere. Connect to learning content from anywhere, with any device, from any browser. Reach your deskless employees with the Brainier Mobile app. Get up-to-date learner analytics from your device. Available for both iOS & Android.

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An Intelligent Database Design

Org charts can take on very different shapes and Brainier’s database design can handle them all. Users can belong to 100,000+ unique groups and each can have their own personalized branding and customization. Welcoming new groups to the organization has never been easier.

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Personalized Learning

Brainier makes it easy to brand the solution to match your organization. The learning experience uses a totally customizable skin. The result is an immersive learning environment that feels like a natural extension of your brand experience, rather than a third-party add-on.

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“Brainier has been a great addition as a partner. The application is very Robust which gives us options to increase performance of our staff and external partner agencies.”

Anessa Y. – April 29, 2020

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