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4 Trends in Employee Learning and Development

L&D has undergone a profound transformation in recent months as the age of the pandemic ends, much of the workforce returns to the workforce, and the era of AI begins. This eBook looks at four emerging trends in L&D today.

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Think Like A CEO: How Learning Drives Business Impact

Learning leaders are increasingly aware of the need to link learning measurement to broader business objectives. This research summary looks at how organizations are measuring the business impact of learning.

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Cybersecurity Never Sleeps

Now is the time to rethink strategies for delivering cybersecurity training. Annual refresher courses may not be the best approach to delivering effective and engaging training. This eBook examines strategies to create more and better opportunities for learning.

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Knowing Your Role

Getting and keeping stakeholder buy-in is crucial to the long-term success of L&D programs. This eBook examines strategies to better understand the goals and opportunities of different members of an organization and how to garner their buy-in.

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A Year-Over-Year Plan for L&D Leaders

Developing learning programs that have “stickiness” requires constant attention, measurement, and listening. This eBook examines strategies to consider when developing those nuanced and advanced learning programs.

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How To Get The Most Out of Your First Year Using An LMS

Looking at your first year using an LMS. From planning and implementation to roll out and reporting, this eBook examines expectations for first-time tech buyers and experienced learning leaders alike.

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Your Guide to Personalizing the Learning Experience

Learners are looking for the WIIFM (“what’s in it for me”). Brainier partnered with The Brandon Hall Group to develop this research summary as your guide to personalizing the learning experience.

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A Holistic Approach to Upskilling Employees

Skills development programs don’t exist in a vacuum. That’s why it’s important to look at learning and development programs in a holistic way and see how they relate to the overall L&D efforts.

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Why Nonprofits Are Seriously Interested in eLearning Tech

Nonprofit organizations are finding out just how useful eLearning technology can be at driving success and contributing to “the mission” of the organization.

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Accelerating Growth and Belonging for All

Employee Belonging is one of the fastest-growing influences on how your employees, prospective employees,  and others view your organization. This eBook breaks down ways to help create a sense of belonging.

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Making Collaborative Learning More Inclusive

Connecting learners can be a challenge for a divided workforce. Whether employees are in-person, hybrid, or remote, the need for ongoing collaboration persists, especially in learning and development.

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5 Things Your eLearning Strategy Needs

What makes up a great eLearning strategy? Building a modern eLearning program is more than amassing a huge content library. In many cases, more isn’t always better. See what else factors into a good strategy.

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Building Your Employment Brand With Learning

Attracting high-quality talent starts with cultivating a powerful employment brand. Organizations that create space to connect, share, and learn can benefit from increased qualified candidates and a reduction in turnover.

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Outgrowing Your LMS?

Workplace expectations are, once again, on the rise. The same is true for learning technology. A scattered workforce demands a modern learning experience and not all learning solutions can adapt. Here are 5 ways to tell if it’s time for a change.

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Research Brief: Extended Enterprise Learning

Learning extends beyond the 4 walls of the organization. Brainier partnered with The Brandon Hall Group to develop this research brief on the state of extended enterprise learning and its future.

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Performance, Personalities, and ROI

Creating sustainable learning programs means adhering to 3 principles that we’re calling the “non-negotiables” of L&D programs. Put each of your learning objectives through this simple checklist.

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The Future of Blended Learning

L&D programs are covering more ground than ever before. Maintaining a blended learning approach is imperative. We’ll cover four ways to personalize and optimize your learning program.

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Boosting Learner Engagement

Learner engagement is not an easy task as learning programs are rarely maintenance-free. Even the most bullet-proof L&D plans need to be reviewed and revised periodically. See ways to boost learner engagement.

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Reboarding For The NEXT Normal

Getting back to work after a crisis and into what will be the “next normal” can be a difficult process. The workplace has changed. So has the workforce. See how to safely bring employees back with eLearning.

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4 Reasons Better Onboarding Requires Better Learning

Every organization wants the same thing for its new hires: to get up to speed quickly, close any knowledge gaps, integrate with the team, and be productive. Check out 4 ways to improve this process.

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Decentralized Learning: What the Future LMS Could Be

Learning content is found in many places and in many forms these days. The LMS of the future will need to package the world’s information and distribute it to your computer, phone, or medium of choice.

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Next-generation Leaders Need Next-generation Learning

Today, leaders are faced with a changing future. For example, the Business Roundtable, a group of nearly 200 CEOs, decided that their companies could no longer just focus on creating shareholder value.

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Learning Is the Leading Differentiator for 2020 and Beyond

Half of all jobs in the U.S. could be automated right now. With so much change happening all around us, your organization needs to become a learning organization.

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Turning Your L&D From a Line Item Into a Strategic Business Unit

If and when a recession hits, learning and development is often one of the first departments on the budgetary chopping block, especially if they haven’t defined themselves strategically.

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Four Industries That Really Need a Modern LMS

Robots are coming to take our jobs, the economy is headed toward a recession, and unemployment is at historical lows. How do you prepare your workforce for a future like this?

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7 Questions for Finding the Right Partner in the New World of Enterprise L&D

The right LMS can deliver real results for your organization; however, it’s easy to get distracted by the bells and whistles. This eBook helps to prioritize your eLearning needs.

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7 Trends Revolutionizing Enterprise Learning Now

The world of enterprise learning is being transformed by the same social, cultural, and economic changes that are affecting every other part of business. Check out these 7 LMS trends.

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Learning and Development in the 5-generation Workforce

Our workforce now represents five generations of learners. To deal with this new reality, HR must be flexible. L&D leaders need to shift how they think about delivery of learning content.

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It’s Time for a New Kind of Enterprise Learning & Development

The traditional LMS is broken. It fails to take advantage of the potential of modern technology and today’s understanding of learning. Take a fresh look at L&D with a thoroughly modern LMS.

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Brainier LMS Review by

The minds behind Brainier listened to the needs of users and developed a system that caters to almost everyone. Create branded login pages with logos and more. The system supports multi-tenant access so users can establish separate areas for customers, employees, or partners. Build custom groups, incorporate social learning, and keep users motivated with gamification. Brainier brings new levels of innovation and flexibility to the LMS table…

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Brainier’s Enterprise Learning Management System v2022

Brainier’s Unique Approach to Employee Growth and Skills Development

Brainier’s Latest Enterprise Learning Management System v10.0

The Brainier LMS – Analytics Suite Features

Learner and Audience Segmentation in Brainier

The Brainier LMS – Mobile Learning Suite for Today’s Workforce


Bridge the Global Learning Gap with Learning Technologies

The right learning technology, reliable infrastructure, and customer support can help organizations effectively deliver consistent training to their globally dispersed workforce and improve overall performance and productivity.

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Rethinking Strategy: 5 Considerations to Improve Learning Efficiency With Personalization

Learning leaders are faced with the dual reality of creating repeatable, scalable learning programs and much more personalized learning paths for individuals and groups. This article offers some advice on how to satisfy both of those requirements with grace.

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A Must-Have List for E-Learning Tech to Support Hybrid Employees

The workplace has changed for many employees as the number of remote and hybrid positions rise, yet learners are still looking to be supported with learning technology. Here are some tips to help support them.

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Training When, and Where, Your Learners Need It: The Benefits of Mobile Learning

Mobile learning brings training to learners when and where they need it. This article offers tips that can help you better leverage this modality.

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2022: L&D Challenges After COVID

Learning and development is about to reshape itself for many organizations as employees slowly make their way back to the workplace. The question is: What will learning look like after COVID? In this article, we hypothesize a few challenges that L&D departments might find and ways to avoid them to ensure the sustainability of your learning programs.

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The 3 Components of a Sustainable Learning Program

Learning and development (L&D) may play a larger, more strategic role in the long-term growth of organizations than previously thought, according to a McKinsey survey from November 2020. In this article, we lay out three key components necessary to ensure the sustainability of your learning programs.

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Looking at Learning Engagement Strategy Beyond Today’s Needs

Learning leaders across every industry agree that launching a learning and development (L&D) program can be a monumental task. Aside from determining strategy, the administrative process to execute that strategy can feel like a mountain of work.

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Reaching the Next Normal With L&D

As many organizations begin to find themselves on the other side of a crisis, the path forward isn’t always obvious. Creating a learning plan for a return to the workplace is a complex problem with many variables. Beyond employee safety and security, employee engagement needs greater consideration.

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 Interview with CTO & VP, Brainier – Mike Begin

Mike Begin is the Chief Technology Officer & Vice President of Brainier, a SaaS-based learning technology company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has been leading Brainier’s IT & Product Development efforts for 20 years. Mike and his team of Brainiacs are passionate about building platforms and technology solutions that help to educate, engage, and empower employees.

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 4 Ways to Optimize Your Blended Learning Program

When employees show up for an instructor-led training (ILT) event, they bring with them a broad spectrum of prior knowledge and experience of the subject. They also come with a unique set of learning preferences, not only for the method but also for the speed, style and depth of learning delivery.

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 Scale Your Reach, Not Your L&D Budget: Training a Global Workforce

As organizational charts continue to change for many companies, crossing borders and oceans, learning and development (L&D) programs must also change in order to serve all their learners. Holding the line on a learning and development budget can be a constant challenge. When a learning program needs to scale, the list of variables that could cause expenses to balloon can grow exponentially.

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 5 Must-have Capabilities for 21st-Century eLearning

Innovation around e-learning technology has exploded over the last several years, and for good reason. There is a unilateral need to stay current, relevant and competitive within organizations and their industries. Learning is no longer contained to people just joining an organization or looking to climb the ladder. The need for ongoing learning exists in every corner of an organization.

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 Relationship Innovations Within eLearning Technology

The burden of choice for buyers exploring the e-learning marketplace can be a hurdle in the race of organizational learning. There is a long list of solution providers doing innovative work, but one important trend shaking up the learning and development (L&D) industry is the advancements in off-the-shelf software integrations.

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 Outpacing Automation With eLearning

Yet another industrial revolution is heading our way, and, once again technology is to blame. But, unlike previous upheavals, the speed of change is faster than ever. Automation is compromising the employment of an estimated 20% to 30% of the workforce, according to reports from organizations such as Bain, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the McKinsey Global Institute.

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 The Answer to Automation Is Learning

Change is coming to the U.S. workforce and in many cases is already here. The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that around 20% of current jobs could be automated right now. Technology is going to completely change the jobs of millions of Americans, if it hasn’t already.

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 Prevent a Skills Gap: Onboarding Your Workforce

It’s common knowledge that with digital transformation occurring in the global workplace, there is a growing skills gap. The most forward-thinking organizations will undoubtedly schedule strategy meetings focused on how to remedy this situation. This sudden organizational self-awareness, however, can lead to conflict between departments. Without a strategic onboarding process, the potential that a talent acquisition specialist sees in a candidate may not be realized, despite the efforts of a training specialist.

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 Why Won’t Organizations Commit to Workplace Learning?

Deloitte’s 2019 “Global Human Capital Trends” report states, “The number-one trend for 2019 is the need for organizations to change the way people learn.” However, only 46% of survey respondents said they’re ready to address this trend. Organizations are looking for answers to three questions in order to commit to addressing learning…

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 Mentoring Programs Take Work to Start, But the Payoff Is Great

Successful people often thank mentors when recognized with an award or congratulated on an accomplishment. Mentors guide us with knowledge and advice to help us reach success. In The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell outlines the 12 stages of the hero’s journey. One of the stages is meeting the mentor, who provides guidance, training, and confidence so the hero can set out on a journey and fulfill their quest to greatness.

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 Social learning takes its place in employee retention efforts

Between younger workers’ demand for professional development opportunities and the increasing need to prepare employees for coming changes in technology and business processes, companies face growing pressure to provide a wider range of training options. In response, more organizations are implementing social learning programs that enable their own workers to be part of the solution.

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 3 Ways to Turn Your Learning Line Item Into a Business Strategy

Learning and development is a lot like advertising; both are often the first department to be scaled back or eliminated during budget cuts. It’s a risky move, considering that Henry Ford once said, “A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.” So, too, is learning critical to business success.

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 4 Practical Pieces of Advice for Selecting an LMS in a Changing Environment

Even if you’re a seasoned L&D professional, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the choices when considering buying or replacing an LMS (learning management system). After all, the LMS market is among the fastest-growing – and least well-defined – segments in human capital management software.

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 Teach Your Missing Employees: Learning And The Remote Workforce

The modern workforce isn’t fixed. It’s fluid, full of flexible work opportunities and remote employees. People don’t have to sit at their desks from 9 to 5 anymore. A majority of employees prefer to work wherever, whenever. And learning has to adapt.

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 Learning and Development: Why Your Focus Should Be on Knowledge

The traditional LMS was good at delivering training and solving for challenges like skills and compliance requirements (e.g., sanitation and safety). But there are huge differences among training, learning and knowledge that can more dramatically benefit employees and their companies.

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 Interview with Jerry Cox: President of Brainier

My guest interview this month is with Jerry Cox, he is the President of Brainier and we met in September at their annual user conference. I was so impressed with his presence throughout the event and the growth of the company under his leadership, I thought he would be a great person to interview.

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 Digital Transformation Through Learning

Digital transformation has been a hot topic in recent years, and for good reason. More and more, companies are adapting to the ever-changing world. New technologies like the Internet of Things, big data architecture, wearables and more are changing markets and industries, making digital transformation a necessity.

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