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Using Interactive Video & AI-Powered Video Coaching to Revolutionize Your Training Programs

Discover how Brainier customers are utilizing Interactive Videos and AI-Powered Video Coaching workflows to revolutionize their training programs! Interactive Videos and Video Coaching in The Brainer LMS enables experiential learning and soft skill development at scale. Through three different structured workflows, organizations can deliver self-paced skill practice, personalized feedback, and the application of knowledge within a real-world environment.

Creating Inclusive Learning Programs for Neurodivergent Employees

In this webinar, we share simple and practical ways to transform your current learning and development strategies into more inclusive learning opportunities for all learners. Experience the effectiveness of inclusive learning firsthand through a comparative journey, highlighting the differences in the learning experiences of a neurotypical person versus a neurodivergent person. Topics include: defining “neurodivergent” vs “neurodiversity,” benefits of inclusivity, offering choice with the use of equivalencies, environmental/sensory considerations, practical tips and suggestions.

Using Learner Personas

In this webinar, we examine common, generalized learner personas in the workplace and break down how they typically interact with eLearning tech. Organizations of all sizes and industries can benefit from better understanding the types of learners that make up their teams. We cover how we created and defined these learner personas, how you can identify them at your organization, and how this approach can influence learning strategies for a more engaging learning experience.

3 Steps to Validating Behavioral Change

This webinar breaks down 3 critical steps to validating real behavioral change in learners using tools built-in to The Brainier LMS. Key areas of focus include: engaging learners to specific web pages, messaging, and learning content with custom HTML pages, how the behavioral evaluation tool adds a layer of human validation to learner progress, and how video coaching with structured practice and automated analysis of learner speech, delivery, and content helps drive change through learning.

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