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Brainier is a new kind of learning and development company. Brainier’s eLearning solutions help your business achieve breakthrough results through better enterprise eLearning that will educate, engage & empower your employees.

The truth is… “knowledge is power.”

Since 1995, Brainier has helped clients discover a better way to approach their learning and development goals. Brainier is an award-winning SaaS company helping people and organizations improve, grow, and achieve their personal and broader company goals.

When companies partner with Brainier, they apply learning to solve challenges and shape the culture of the organization to one of growth, discovery, and innovation. These companies answer the age-old business question: “how can we improve daily?”

Core to our training beliefs is the idea that the employee is your most valuable asset. To advance, you must inspire and invest in their development. A personalized learning experience not only motivates employees to improve, it also gives them the tools and knowledge to do so.

3 words have come to define the culture at Brainier Solutions.


Brainier has been under the same, stable ownership since 1999. Our leadership model is based on efficiency and minimal bureaucracy to get in the way of a good idea.


The Stevie Award-winning Brainier customer support team is unrivaled in the eLearning industry. Many Brainier customers consider us a Learning Partner and not simply a software vendor.


The Brainier development team adapts to the needs of the changing world of work by rapidly deploying new features and even new products.

Brainier Mission Statement:

To help companies and organizations thrive through learning by providing world-class learning, knowledge, and communication solutions.

Brainier Vision Statement:

Brainier exists to help our clients improve and adapt by providing industry-leading learning, knowledge-sharing, and communication technology. Brainier endeavors to help organizations deliver meaningful results and realize the highest potential for their employees, partners, customers, and associates. All the while, Brainier must maintain stability and return value to our stakeholders.

Training Is for Yesterday’s Requirements. Learning Is for Today. Knowledge Is Forever.

Jerry Cox, – President, Brainier

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