Artificial Intelligence

The Brainier LMS uses powerful, embedded AI features to create a meaningful learning experience for everyone.

AI Features in The Brainier LMS

AI Coach & Auto Analysis

Embedded in our Video Coaching feature is “AI Coach” and Auto Analysis. These AI-driven tools offer real-time feedback to learners on their speech content and delivery in structured practice learning environments. Feedback can include both positive feedback on areas that the learner excelled in, as well as potential areas for improvement. AI Coach can listen for keywords in the content of the speech, as well as offer tonal analysis such as confident vs. nervous and humorous vs. serious.

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Auto-Tagging Learning Objects

Tags can be added to any type of learning object to associate with specific topics, subjects, authors, and/or competencies. Brainier allows managers to create their own tags and can have an unlimited number of tags. The auto-tagging feature allows for predictive classification of content and offers a much-appreciated degree of automation to the process.

Content Recommendations

Unlock the power of personalized learning through automated content recommendations based on individual competencies and goals. The Brainier LMS can recommend learning content based on tags and actions within the LMS to seamlessly bridge knowledge gaps and propel the learning journey. Brainier offers a curated selection of relevant learning content by analyzing competencies and identifying areas for growth. These recommendations ensure a guided and impactful learning path for the individual learner.

AI in a Snapshot

The Daily Snapshot offers a proactive and automated approach to highlight featured learning objects. Learners can see personalized suggestions to help them prioritize their time spent in the system with recommendations based on numerous factors. Taken into account are details like due dates of assigned training, completion status, upcoming events, assignment status, and more!

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