AI Coach

Explore the latest advancements in Brainier’s Video Coaching feature, where cutting-edge AI-powered enhancements elevate auto-analysis, enrich user experiences, and seamlessly integrate learning and feedback processes.

New AI Features in Video Coaching

Tone Analysis

Elevating the capabilities of Auto Analysis, we’re thrilled to unveil the dynamic addition of Tone Analysis — a comprehensive feature that assesses the nuances of video content. This innovation evaluates a spectrum of tones, encompassing confidence to nervousness, humor to seriousness, formality to casualness, and persuasion to informativeness.

Tips & Feedback

With the activation of Auto Analysis, an added layer of value emerges as videos undergo meticulous examination by AI, providing learners with constructive tips and feedback. This encompassing feedback not only celebrates areas where learners excel but also highlights opportunities for enhancement. Each tip strategically surfaces during specific points in the video, inviting learners to interactively explore flagged sections and gain a deeper understanding of the feedback.

Flexible Key Term Matching

Brainier’s Auto Analysis key term matching is now more versatile, automatically encompassing additional word variations and synonyms. For instance, words like ‘cheerful’ are recognized as matches if configured key terms include ‘happy’. Instructors and authors configuring assignments have the option to designate key terms as ‘exact’ matches, requiring learners to use the precise word or phrase to earn credit.

Updated User Experience

Explore the improved user experience brought by our recent updates, including a clear and intuitive graphical representation of feedback. This visualization offers an easy-to-understand view of your progress, allowing you to grasp feedback patterns effortlessly.

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