Learning Solutions

Every organization does learning and development in their own way. Brainier can help your organization achieve your learning objectives with a modern approach to L&D.

Learning For Every Industry.

Brainier helps organizations across many industries achieve their learning and development goals. Industries like: manufacturing, non-profit, retail, logistics, hospitality, professional services, financial services, professional sports, healthcare, and more.


Streamline your recurring compliance training programs with automated course assignments and reduce administrative duties.

Compliance »

Customer Training

Organizations can foster a deeper connection to their customers by providing an environment to learn more about the product, service, industry, or situation.

Customer Training »

Employee Training

Guide your organization and its members to where they’re going through ongoing learning and development.

Employee Training »

Social Learning

Boost your learner engagement with built-in ways to interact with learning content, other learners, and mentors.

Social Learning »

Mobile Learning

Learning happens everywhere, so take the LMS anywhere with the Brainier mobile app. Available in both iOS and Android marketplaces.

Mobile Learning »

Learning Analytics

Create an unobstructed vantage point for learning leaders to view progress on all learning programs with up to the minute data.

Learning Analytics »

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