Customer Training

Organizations can foster a deeper connection to their customers by providing an environment to learn more about the product, service, industry, or situation.

How Brainier Helps

An eCommerce Model

With The Brainier LMS, customers can browse, search, and build a cart of learning content relevant to their needs. They can register for an account, pay for courses, and access training with ease.

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Product Training

For companies that offer customers advanced training on their product, The Brainier LMS is working to solve disruptions like social distancing. Offering necessary training on-demand is possible where the only alternative was manuals and instructor-led training.

Tell Your Brand’s Story

Connect with customers in a more impactful way with brand training. This helps customers make more informed decisions on the products or services.

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“We’ve used several LMS solutions in the past, and none come CLOSE to what we can do with Brainier.”

Tom P. – July 29, 2020

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