Perhaps the most impactful part of the employee experience and predictor of success and longevity with the organization. Find out how onboarding software like The Brainier LMS can help your organization craft a successful employee onboarding plan.

How Brainier Helps

Administrative Ease

Streamlining the onboarding process within an organization demands a dynamic and adaptable system that can automate tasks and easily generate insightful reports. The Brainier LMS stands as a reliable onboarding software solution, empowering Human Resources teams of any size to seamlessly administer, oversee, and evaluate learning objectives for every new employee.

Leveraging built-in analytics tools, AI features, and automated processes, administrators can efficiently handle Learning and Development efforts for the entire organization, ensuring scalability. The Brainier LMS allows administrators to tailor custom groups, aligning them with the organization’s specific needs. Adaptability is at the forefront, making it easy for administrators to create and customize groups according to evolving learner needs. Individual learners can belong to any number of groups to help configure and define how they belong in the organization. It provides efficient and intuitive means to deliver, manage, and track each learning objective, ensuring a responsive and effective onboarding experience.

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Custom Learning Tracks

Streamlined learning paths play a crucial role in enhancing a learning program’s effectiveness, especially when it comes to preparing employees for new roles or specific development objectives.

The Brainier LMS empowers teams to effortlessly customize and manage tailor-made learning tracks, ensuring an employee onboarding experience that aligns seamlessly with organization-specific needs. Learning tracks can utilize various methods of learning such as in-person workshops, reference files, or online training paths depending on learner preferences.

Automatically assign learning tracks based on:

  • Job Title
  • Location
  • Job Role
  • Department
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Effortless Integrations

Efficient HR and onboarding software plays a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth transition for new hires within organizations. The Brainier LMS offers seamless integration with existing tech stacks, providing a comprehensive solution for streamlined processes.

Through integrations with various systems, extending beyond HR platforms to encompass communication tools and other relevant software, the Learning Management System effectively consolidates employee data and training resources, simplifying administrative tasks and ensuring consistency throughout the onboarding journey. With The Brainier LMS seamlessly woven into their tech infrastructure, organizations can efficiently optimize their HR and onboarding processes, cultivating an environment that prioritizes positive employee experiences from day one.

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“I have used this during the onboarding process and found it very user friendly… It is easy to develop content, send via distributional lists, and analyze data.”

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How Can Brainier Help With Your Onboarding Efforts?

Find out how The Brainier LMS can make the onboarding process a differentiator for your organization. Get a personalized demo of the solution that addresses the specific needs of your business.