Personalized Learning

The future of learning tech is in creating personalized learning environments. The Brainier LMS makes the learning experience feel like a natural extension of the brand.

How Brainier Helps

Custom Branding

The Brainier LMS features a completely customizable “skin” that offers brand continuity. Learners encounter custom dashboards, imagery, and themes that reflect their organization’s brand standards, even down to a group level.

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Custom HTML Pages

Administrators can create custom HTML pages within the LMS to direct learner traffic. This allows learning leaders to highlight certain pages, courses, class registrations, or social elements.

Tailored Recommendations

Create behavioral “nudges” in the LMS by recommending relevant learning content. Suggestions for additional courses can be based on job titles, locations, completed courses, and more.

Custom System Labels

Customize the user experience by adding and/or removing menu and submenu items within The Brainier LMS. Rename the labels that match your brand’s terminology.

Flexibility overview from Brainier

Your Guide to Personalizing The Learning Experience

Learners are looking for the WIIFM (“what’s in it for me”). Brainier partnered with The Brandon Hall Group to develop this research summary as your guide to personalizing the learning experience.

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