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Brainier Client Testimonials

These interviews were gathered during one of our E3Learning User Conferences where Brainier customers get a chance to connect directly with Brainier support, sales, and product development staff.

Kim, American Equity

Will, Concord Hospitality

Holly, Lutheran Social Services/ND

Eric, Merrill Gardens & Pillar Properties

“The structure built into the system makes it easy for one person to control the entire LMS with little difficulty. Brainier also allows us to use our LMS to generate revenue and train our internal staff at the same time.”

-David R.
LMS Admin – Professional Services Industry



“We love the live class features.  It enables us to truly promote our live and online training simultaneously and really live what we preach to our customers about the value of blended learning.  We talk about its flexibility in scheduling live webinars, live classes, seminars, group training where they view online training in a live setting, recurring staff meetings, and more.  It is truly my favorite thing in the LMS.”

-Lauren S.
Online Customer Support Coordinator



“Wow, scale down my thoughts into one quote…hmmm. One feature of Elan that we are excited about is the ability to record and upload videos; this will allow us to create a YouTube Styled video library from “how to” repairs to recordings of classroom training and live customer/associate interactions.”

-Darin A.
Director Of Training and Field Support



“Brainier is a great tool (LMS) where you can upload content and create quizzes  all in one place.  We are excited to have our employees access all of our training material in one Learning Management System  and have the completion data recorded in our employee files.”

-Shawn S.
Education and Training

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