Storytelling With Learning Analytics


Shaping The Story With Data

Being a good learning and development leader can mean wearing many hats, and one of those “hats” is often being a good storyteller. That’s because any program initiative, year-end report, or new training roll-out needs to be “sold” to a specific audience. After all, organizational learning is firmly rooted in the persuasion business. Learning leaders should use every resource at their disposal to help craft their story and using learning analytics is no exception. However, knowing how and why to use learning data in their favor can be tricky.

This eBook breaks down the 4 elements of any great story and how they typically present themselves in an organizational learning setting. It also suggests useful metrics to study when looking at key analytical data to present and how they might be effective in crafting a learning story. And, finally, the typical audiences for these learning stories are broken down with ways of effectively communicating with each group.

In this eBook, we explain how and why learning analytics can help shape the story of learning progress in an organization. Topics include:

  • Identifying the elements of a great story
  • Strategy tips for crafting an L&D story
  • Useful metrics to study for both Push & Pull training methods
  • Ways to reach specific audiences with data
  • Potential dangers to avoid with data reporting

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