Leveraging the Power of Collaborative Learning Using an LMS


A 2024 Brandon Hall Group Research Brief

The next evolution of the employee experience shows a growing trend in collaborative and cohort-based learning. The traditional “top-down” approach to organizational learning and development programs is seeing a challenge from this community approach to learning. The importance of relevance, engagement, recency, shared experiences, and cost efficiency is not lost on learning leaders. Now is the time to install a learning program that can tap into the wisdom of its learners and empower each one to help their cohorts, teams, communities, and organizations grow through learning.

This research brief examines critical questions that leaders should ask themselves when considering a cohort-based learning program. These questions can help set strategy, priority, and purpose. Assuming that an organization has a robust learning management system in place, the tools are likely at hand to carry out a meaningful collaborative learning program that reaches both remote and in-person learners.

Brainier has teamed with The Brandon Hall Group to create this 2024 Research Brief.

In this research brief, we focus on how organizations can leverage a collaborative learning approach, using their learners effectively in a peer-to-peer model. Topics include:

  • The current state of cohort-based learning
  • Complexities around HR tech products
  • Key Questions to consider
  • Strategy suggestions to avoid common mistakes
  • How The Brainier LMS can help

See how The Brainier LMS can help your organization contribute to collaborative learning with a personalized demo for your organization.