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Learn how to be a better mentor, manager, and leader.

Titles Include:

Skillsoft Leadership Bundle –  Course Titles & Descriptions

 The Art and Science of Communication – .3 hours

  • Identify situations that benefit from sharing communication responsibility
  • Recognize behaviors that promote making connections with people
  • Identify ways to show interest when communicating with others
  • Categorize questions that help to strengthen a communication connection
  • Identify the basic principles of assertive communication
  • Recognize ways of connecting with your audience

 Gaining a Positive Perspective on Feedback – .5 hours

  • Recognize the value of constructive feedback
  • Recognize the differences between constructive feedback, praise, and criticism
  • Identify how to manage your negative reactions to receiving feedback
  • Recognize how to respond appropriately to feedback
  • Identify ways of using feedback for professional development
  • Use techniques to reap the benefits of feedback

Thinking Strategically as a Manager – .5 hours

  • Recognize characteristics of strategic thinking
  • Recall traits of strategic thinkers
  • Recognize techniques you can use to develop a clear vision in order to enhance strategic thinking
  • Identify methods of becoming a strategic thinker through being creative
  • Select ways of dealing with complexity in order to become a strategic thinker
  • Recognize strategic thinking techniques involving knowing what’s going on in your organization
  • Use methods to develop your strategic thinking skills

Developing a Growth Mind-set – .3 hours

  • Identify the characteristics of a growth mind-set
  • Identify first steps that help promote a growth mind-set
  • Identify key habits that foster a long-term growth mind-set
  • Recognize key characteristics that signify a growth mind-set exists within the workplace culture
  • Identify actions that encourage a growth mind-set in daily work life

Influence Others with Political Savvy – .4 hours

  • Identify the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to be politically savvy
  • Use strategic, operational, and financial knowledge to demonstrate business acumen
  • Recognize the characteristics of someone with business acumen
  • Select elements to include in an action plan
  • Recognize the steps to take to put your action plan to work
  • Use methods to develop political savvy and business acumen

Difficult People: Strategies to Keep Everyone Working Together – .5 hours

  • Recognize interpersonal strategies that help you work with difficult people
  • Choose ground rules that will help redirect the behavior styles of difficult people
  • Direct difficult behavior toward desired goals
  • Choose the appropriate time and conditions for giving effective feedback
  • Identify appropriate strategies for delivering feedback
  • Follow appropriate steps to manage conflict with a difficult person
  • Use interpersonal skills and strategies when working with difficult people

Leading Your Team through Change – .5 hours

  • Match sources of employee resistance to change to examples
  • Match types of change resistance to actions for dealing with them
  • Recognize various change obstacles in an organization
  • Identify tactics for overcoming obstacles to change
  • Match information-based roots of inertia with examples of how to overcome them
  • Identify examples of ways to overcome action-related employee inertia
  • Recognize appropriate ways to communicate change
  • Recognize tactics for effectively leading change in your organization

Becoming an Inspirational Leader – .5 hours

  • Match the characteristics of inspiring leadership to examples
  • Recognize leaders who inspire by enabling others and sharing their vision
  • Identify examples of leaders who challenge, encourage, and model
  • Recall how leaders can inspire others by showing integrity and credibility
  • Recognize how inspirational leaders show character and hope
  • Recognize examples of clear and credible leadership messages
  • Recall strategies for influencing and persuading an audience
  • Recognize how leaders can inspire their teams

Effectively Directing and Delegating as a Manager – .5 hours

  • Sequence the steps in setting the direction and pace of work as a manager
  • Identify organizing actions a manager would typically take
  • Recognize aspects of communicating for clarity and direction when directing employees
  • Identify essential elements of planning to delegate
  • Recall strategies for delegating tasks
  • Identify examples of ways to follow up after delegating tasks
  • Use techniques to give direction and delegate to your employees

Keeping Top Performers Challenged – .3 hours

  • Identify the qualities of a top performer
  • Recognize the benefits of keeping top performers engaged and challenged
  • Identify actions that create a work environment that encourages top performance
  • Recognize the leadership skills that attract top performers
  • Identify the right way to engage in communication with your top performers

Basic Budgeting for Non-financial Professionals – .5 hours

  • Recognize the attributes of an effective budget
  • Recognize the phases of the budgetary planning process
  • Distinguish between different budget elements and the type of budget to which they apply
  • Recognize the advantages and disadvantages of historical budgeting
  • Recognize characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of zero-based budgeting
  • Recognize variances that are worth analyzing
  • Recognize the key characteristics of the three methods for capital budgeting
  • Match formulas for Payback Period & Net Present Value to budget calculation

Lead With Hospitality
With Taylor Scott

This comprehensive training program is for all leaders but is also targeted at supervisors, managers, or executives in the hospitality, travel, and retail sectors. The program includes micro-videos, exercises, participant worksheets, and other training materials. It can be used as a self-paced learning course or delivered using an onsite, live virtual, or hybrid delivery approach.

Modules Include:

Introduction: The Summer Grace Story
Module 1: Why Lead with Hospitality?
Module 2: How to Conduct 1-on-1 Meetings
Module 3: How to Conduct Team Meetings
Module 4: How to Connect with Written Communication
Module 5: Understanding the Foundations of Emotional Intelligence
Module 6: How to Improve Your Self-Awareness
Module 7: How to Respond Positively vs. Reacting Negatively
Module 8: How to Improve Your Social Awareness
Module 9: How to Match Leadership Styles to Specific Situations
Module 10: What it Means to be a Servant Leader
Module 11: How to Become a Better Listener
Module 12: How to Give Effective Feedback
Module 13: How to be Accountable and Deliver for Your Team
Module 14: How to Create a Sense of Belonging
Module 15: How to Unleash the Power of Purpose
Module 16: How to Increase Productivity with Fulfillment
Module 17: How to Encourage and Engage Your Team
Module 18: How to Coach with Grace and Gracefulness
Module 19: How to Create a Compelling Vision
Module 20: How to Lead with SMART Goals
Module 21: How to Turn Busy-ness into Productivity with Action Plans
Module 22: How to Execute with Purposeful Communication
Module 23: How to Inspire Your Team
Module 24: How to Inspire Action Through Storytelling


This library of 22 modules features the LEAD NOW! Leadership Development Model that builds and refines your employees’ skills around business and people results. 22 Video Courses 5-8 Minute Micro-Learning Videos

Make Mentoring Count

Build mentoring and coaching skills with 16 shore modules with downloadable worksheets to assist your leaders with their journey to become an effective mentor. 16 Video Courses 5-8 Minute Micro-Learning Videos

Management Coach

Solve 80% of workplace problems and personal issues with dramatical- ly-acted, 5-minute videos that give managers the confidence to have difficult conversations. 33 Video Courses 4-6 Minute Micro-Learning Videos

The Art of Authenticity

Based on the book by Karissa Thacker, this 7 module micro-learning courses presents the tools needed to become an authentic leader and your best self.

Painless Performance Conversations

Build employee confidence with this practical approach to critical day-to-day workplace discussions, based on the book by Marnie E. Green covered in 7 modules

Clash of the Generations

Learn strategies for more effective multi-generational management with this course, based on the book by Valerie M. Grubb.


Virtual Teams

These days everything’s moving online… even your team. Are you ready? Knowing how to identify the dynamics of your team, communicate clearly with everyone & foster trust will give you the basic skills you need as a manager to bridge the distance & form your virtual team.

11 Videos:

Form Your Virtual Team

• Set Your Team Up for Success
• Consider Your Team
• Communicate with Clarity
• Foster Trust
• Bridge the Distance
• 1 More Thing about Forming Your Virtual Team

Lead Your Virtual Team

• Why It Matters
• Lead Virtual Meetings
• Resolve Conflict
• Coach to Foster Results
• Tips & Tools to Lead Your Virtual Team

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