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  • Next-generation Leaders Need
    Next-generation Learning

With Automation and Change, Learning Is Critical

Today, leaders are faced with a changing future. For example, the Business Roundtable, a group of nearly 200 CEOs, decided that their companies could no longer just focus on creating shareholder value.

According to the group, businesses need to be "delivering value to our customers," "investing in our employees," "dealing fairly and ethically with our suppliers," "supporting the communities in which we work," and "generating long-term value for shareholders."

To become a next-generation leader taking on these new challenges, you need to have next-generation learning to support you.

In this e-book, you'll get a field guide with practical tips on how to create learning that supports a new way of doing business by:

  • Remembering the big picture
  • Improving collaboration
  • Understanding employee differences

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