Recession-Proof Learning and Development

Turning Your L&D From a Line Item
Into a Strategic Business Unit

Lessons for the next economic downturn

Around the 2008 recession, corporate training budgets declined roughly $2B. The North American economy is generally strong right now, but experts — like Ray Dalio of Bridgewater Associates and others — see a potential recession in 2020. (China’s economy is already belt-tightening.)

If and when a recession hits, learning and development is often one of the first departments on the budgetary chopping block, especially if they haven’t defined themselves strategically.

This is your guide to doing just that — and framing it all in financial terms that will resonate more with top decision-makers. This involves:

  • Selling soft skills
  • Focusing on the fundamentals
  • Knowing the business
  • Knowing the company’s broader goals
  • Pitching the plan