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How Brainier Helps

Self, 180, 360 Assessments

Assessments are a new learning object built-in to the LMS that supports Self, 180, and 360 evaluations. Administrators can create assessments following a similar process to other learning objects in the LMS and assign them to learners and managers.

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Succession Planning

Administrators can set up a series of assigned training that is automatically pushed to learners on a custom timeframe as they complete assignments. This way, learners are not overwhelmed with an insurmountable list of assigned tasks.

This is especially helpful in the onboarding phase when comprehensive assignments must be completed in sequence. Each learning object can have a custom release date and custom due date that’s dynamic for each learner. Succession Plans can be assigned to individual learners, specific groups, or the entire organization all at once.

Easy Assessment Creation

Creating assessments follows a similar object creation process in The Brainier LMS. Admins follow an intuitive step-by-step creation module, filled with drop-down menus and pre-built question-type tools to easily create any assessment. Assessments can have different types of responses such as: linear scale questions (rate 1-to-5, highly agree to highly disagree), radio, dropdown, essay, and textbox responses.

Different sections and points can be configured within assessments. The results, of which, can create a framework of competency mapping. This can help close knowledge and skills gaps by creating custom learning plans from the library of learning content.

For example, if a learner rates themselves low in one area, they may be recommended relevant learning content to address that gap – and if they rate themselves proficient in another area, they may be recommended more advanced content.

Assignment Options

Administrators can assign 180 and 360 multi-rater assessments with multiple users to evaluate and multiple raters in the same assignment batch. This includes direct reports, fellow team members, and even cross-team evaluations. Raters will see a unique assessment appear in their Assigned Training list for each of the learners they need to assess. After completing an assessment, learners can receive relevant content suggestions based on outcomes. With a single click, learners can launch these courses or bookmark courses to add them to their playlist. Admins can see reports for individual assessments as well as a consolidated assessment report for greater oversight.

Goal Tracking

Keep up to date with ongoing goals with the goal tracking feature in the LMS. Administrators can create automated goals within the LMS to track learning actions that contribute to a configured goal. Additionally, external goals can be manually tracked within the LMS, such as sales goals.

Learners can add a goal tracking gadget to their dashboard to see progress on any goals they are involved in, either individual goals or team goals. Get quick updates on progress or hover to expand more details on each goal. Managed user and group goals can feature custom imagery and terminology to match company brand standards.

Competitive goals use the principles of gamification to let learners compare their progress with others. Through leaderboards learners or group can view their completion progress in relation to others, as well as start and end date details for the challenge. Quick links to these competitive goal tracking features are available in the social learning tab.

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