A Life Best Lived

In Jim Rohn’s book, Guide to Goal Setting, he says “A life best lived is a life by design.  Not by accident, and not by just walking through the day careening from wall to wall and managing to survive.  That’s okay.  But if you can start giving your life dimensions and design and color and objectives and purpose, the results can be staggering.”

This quote reminds me of the painter, Bob Ross.  He was amazing at painting landscapes from blank canvases.  For some time he had a show on television to teach how to paint.  I was always amazed at how he started with a blank canvas, a few blobs of paint, and a few paint brushes and in 30 minutes or so a beautiful picture would emerge. 

Bob knew the correct brushes and colors to use to get just the right shape for the item he was creating.  He had a design for his painting; he had an idea of what he wanted the end result to look like and the results were staggering.

“A life best lived is a life by design.  Not by accident.”  Pick up the paint brush, and start creating your masterpiece.  Do you have a design for your life?  What are your goals?  

-Jessica Aleksuk (CSR)