Brainier Announces First-of-Its-Kind HAM Radio Integration with The LMS

April 1, 2024 – Minneapolis, MN – Brainier, a leading provider of innovative learning management solutions, is proud to announce the launch of a groundbreaking integration featuring HAM Radio functionality within its Learning Management System (LMS). This innovative collaboration marks a significant milestone in eLearning technology, bringing together the fast-paced world of amateur radio communication and organizational learning and development in a seamless and engaging manner.

Brainier President, (Callsign W7BSO) Jerry Cox, at the control center, carrying the torch for Guglielmo Marconi with the HAM radio integration with The Brainier LMS.

The integration of HAM radio capabilities into The Brainier LMS represents a unique fusion of traditional and modern methods of communication and learning. This first-of-its-kind integration enables learners to indulge in the ongoing resurgence of HAM radio technology directly within the LMS platform, expanding opportunities for learning and radio transmission communication.

“We are thrilled to unveil this first-of-its-kind integration, which underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of eLearning technology,” said Jerry Cox, President of Brainier. “Incorporating HAM radio functionality into our LMS advances the technology further than Guglielmo Marconi could have foreseen from his pioneering days in the field.”

HAM radio enthusiasts and learning leaders alike stand to benefit from this innovative integration. Learners can now explore the world of amateur radio communication within the familiar environment of The Brainier LMS, facilitating active participation and experiential learning. Brainier customers can leverage this integration to enhance their curriculum with practical, hands-on activities that promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills utilizing tried and true radio communication.

In addition to providing learners with access to HAM radio technology, the integration with The Brainier LMS offers a range of features designed to optimize the learning experience. These include interactive tutorials, video coaching simulations, and collaborative learning opportunities, all of which are seamlessly integrated within the LMS platform.

“The integration of HAM radio into the Brainier LMS opens up new possibilities for learning leaders and learners alike,” said Mike Begin, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Brainier. “We are excited to empower our users with the 20th century tools they need to explore the fascinating world of amateur radio communication and discover new ways to engage with their learning journey.”

Brainier’s HAM radio integration is now available to all users of The Brainier LMS. To learn more about this groundbreaking integration and its potential applications in education and training, please visit

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