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An enterprise learning & development solution designed to educate, engage, and empower.

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Why Brainier?

Your people are looking for training. Help them find it.

Employees are looking for opportunities to learn all the time, formal and informal. From onboarding programs to leadership training to skills refinement, the desire to improve and grow is within all of us. Brainier is a cloud-based solution for all your learning activities, in the office, on the job site, and remote.

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Learning built for every screen.

Brainier delivers powerful eLearning across all devices. Desktop, laptop, tablet, and even mobile through a browser or through our native mobile app. Available in both iOS & Android marketplaces, the Brainier app provides access to learning content from anywhere, plus other advanced features.

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A brand chameleon.

Brainier is a highly customizable platform that allows your organization’s branding, colors, and lingo to shine through into the learning process. The result is a customizable skin that provides an immersive learning experience that feels like a natural extension of your existing systems.

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Manufacturing: A New Learning Experience with Dixon University

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L&D takes many forms.

See how learning leaders use The Brainier LMS to transform their organization.

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