Brainier Announces Generative AI Features in The Brainier LMS

March 5, 2024 – Minneapolis, MN

Brainier Solutions, creator of the award-winning learning management system, The Brainier LMS, is pleased to announce the integration of advanced, generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) features into The Brainier Learning Management System (LMS). These new features represent a significant enhancement to the platform’s capabilities, offering users streamlined administrative tasks and improved content creation processes.

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The AI module, available as an add-on feature, is built into The Brainier LMS to harness the power of Generative AI (GenAI) to assist administrators in managing learning programs more efficiently. With features such as content generation assistance and automated administrative organization, GenAI simplifies tasks that are traditionally time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Key Highlights of GenAI in The Brainier LMS:

1. Content Creation: GenAI provides valuable support to learning leaders by automating aspects of the content creation process. This includes generating object descriptions, images, surveys, and quiz questions, enabling administrators to focus on higher-value tasks.

2. Administrative Organization: Utilizing the Auto-Tagging feature, administrators can categorize learning objects more effectively. AI scans objects and suggests relevant tags, streamlining content organization within the system.

3. AI Coach within Video Coaching Module: The genAI features embedded in the Brainier Video Coaching module offer real-time feedback to learners, including both speech content analysis and speech delivery metrics, enhancing the effectiveness of video-based learning initiatives.

Brainier remains committed to ensuring data security and privacy with the implementation of these GenAI features. The module utilizes industry-standard privacy practices, and administrators have control over the activation of AI features on a per-object basis.

“The generative AI features available in The Brainier LMS represent an exciting step forward for how administrators find efficiencies in using learning technology,” said Mike Begin, Vice President/Chief Technology Officer at Brainier. “Our goal is to empower our customers with tools that simplify their workflows and enhance the overall experience. As exciting as these new features are, we look forward to the opportunity that awaits as GenAI improves.”

For organizations seeking to streamline their learning programs and improve efficiency, The Brainier LMS with the integrated GenAI features offers a valuable solution. Experience the benefits of AI-powered learning management with Brainier’s latest enhancements.

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