TTN Releases File Cabinet

June 1, 2007 – MINNEAPOLIS, MN

Total Training Network (TTN) has created a new document management platform called “File Cabinet.” This management system is a great tool that will allow training administrators to incorporate even more integration, and organization for their company needs and their employees training.

The File Cabinet allows company managers to create folders or directories and upload their files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF’s, Images, etc.) to the TTN LMS. Each file can be set with access permissions and managers can assign files to users, departments, or locations. Users can browse, read, print, or download the files they’re given access to. Managers can run a report on which users have accessed a certain file, or what files a certain user has completed. Administrators and managers can also attach files to a user profile. (i.e. resumes, performance documents, user review documents, job aids, etc.)

About Brainier

TTN is now Brainier. Brainier is a wholly owned subsidiary of BI Worldwide, a Minneapolis-based company specializing in employee engagement. Since 1995, TTN has helped clients improve, grow and achieve company and employee goals using e-learning, in-house training and mobile-based training courses. Brainier’s Learning Management System (LMS) uses full-motion video streaming with interactive learning for maximum results. Their course offerings cover a vast array of subjects including sales, management, team building, human resources, marketing, computers, and safety. Their corporate headquarters is in Minneapolis, MN. For more information, visit