Building Your Employment Brand With Learning

Why Your Employment Brand Matters Even More in a Talent Shortage

Attracting high-quality talent starts with cultivating a powerful employment brand. Organizations with a reputation of caring for their employees, expanding their skills, and providing ongoing opportunities tend to see a lot of resumes hit their inboxes. However, it’s important that the employee experience actually lives up to the hype, or else your new hires will be heading for the door.

Stepping up your employee experience is a great way to keep the top performers you already have and attract new ones to join your ranks. Organizations that create space for their people to connect, share, and learn together will reap the benefits of an increase in qualified candidates and a reduction in turnover. Taking steps to build a culture of personal and professional growth establishes the organization’s “brand” beyond simply the quality of the goods or services offered.

This eBook provides guidance on how to improve your employee experience in general and why focusing on learning and development is particularly important to building a better experience. Help your people upskill, reskill, and find their next role internally. Give your best people what they crave: a flexible and personalized learning and development experience.

In this eBook, we focus on a few key issues that are influencing the demand for talent these days:

  • A look at employment trends
  • Calculating the true cost of turnover
  • Recognizing the value of career growth across generations
  • How big brands are responding
  • Looking at the labor market of tomorrow