Decentralized Learning:
What the Future LMS Could Be

A Modern Approach to Learning Content

Virtually all of human knowledge is available online, and mostly for free. You don’t need a library card, or a special website log in with often limited, outdated, or irrelevant content. The LMS of the future will simply package the world’s information and distribute it to your computer, phone, or medium of choice.

The fact is that learning and development in the 21st century is no longer a “single-source of truth” model. There are seemingly endless sources that contribute to improving job performance and personal development.

That’s why embracing the flood of learning content is crucial for L&D in 2020 and beyond. Finding a place for the curated and relevant material is necessary within a modern learning management system.

In this e-book, we’ll cover three trends driving change in eLearning:

  • Learning influenced by globalization
  • Learning activities changing by consumption preferences
  • Learning engagement affected by hyper-personalization