Four Industries That Really Need a Modern LMS

The Traditional LMS Is Letting You Down

Robots are coming to take our jobs, the economy is headed toward a recession, and unemployment is at historical lows. How do you prepare your workforce for a future like this?

While nearly half of the 1,200 leaders in a recent Accenture survey say skill shortages are a major concern of their business, only 3% are significantly increasing their training budgets over the next three years.

Every industry vertical has its own needs and nuances. Because the old-guard LMS fails to educate, engage, and empower employees in these changing times and for industries with specific needs, the LMS needs for some industries fall through the cracks.

Without a modern LMS, lifelong learning is difficult, but true knowledge is impossible. At Brainier, we believe that training is for yesterday, learning is for today, and knowledge is forever.