Research Brief: Extended Enterprise Learning

Delivering Value to Customers, Partners, Franchisees & More

The gig economy has exploded in recent years, changing the landscape for employment at many organizations. Additionally, 2020 proved to be a major shake-up in the way organizations deliver training.

For many organizations, the learning ecosystem extends far beyond the four walls of the organization. Although, extended enterprise comprises a relatively small chunk of the L&D budget, it represents a huge opportunity for organizations to build their brand, improve customer relationships, and even generate revenue.

Brainier partnered with The Brandon Hall Group to develop this research brief on the state of extended enterprise learning and its future.

In this research brief, we’ll cover four key considerations in planning an extended enterprise learning endeavor, as well as case studies of organizations finding success in doing so. Key considerations include:

  • Building the business case
  • Finding the right technology
  • Defining the audience and characteristics of requirements
  • Strategizing your revenue goals for the program