The Future of Blended Learning

Adapting L&D Programs to a Scattered Workforce

The workplace has changed. But organizational learning isn’t going away.

It’s time to make blended learning work for everyone.

L&D programs are covering more ground than ever before. Today, training goes beyond basic safety and compliance training to onboarding, skills development, and even ongoing learning. Despite a sudden rise in remote workers, maintaining a blended learning approach is imperative.

In this e-book, we’ll cover four ways to personalize and optimize your learning program through blended learning:

  • Blended learning can help to fill in the gaps left by standard instructor-led training
  • Blended learning offers more access points for engagement
  • Blended learning encourages learners to go beyond the normal parameters of the coursework
  • Blended learning can leverage the knowledge of a learner to benefit the team