Brainier Goes “Next Generation”

           About a year ago, Brainier was asked by analysts in the eLearning world to describe itself – the company, its vision, and its culture. This moment of self-reflection produced 3 words: Agile, Responsive, and Nimble. These qualities enable us to identify issues and opportunities and quickly act with purpose to move forward. This capacity to embrace change allows Brainier to shape the products we offer and the company, in general. This ethos is partially why Brainier was among the first SaaS products to build a software integration with ADP®’s new HCM product, ADP Workforce Now® Next Generation. On Tuesday, May 25th, Brainier launched the first learning solution integration for this new HCM platform, enabling Brainier clients to automatically share data between their LMS and ADP. Find out more about the off-the-shelf integration on ADP Marketplace, ADP’s digital HR storefront.

            Like Brainier, ADP’s innovative HR solutions help organizations of all sizes to achieve their broader goals. Technology is clearly at the forefront of ADP Workforce Now® Next Generation, an all-in-one cloud-based HR and payroll platform. Access to essential workplace technology is fundamental to progress, especially in a remote or hybrid work environment. Learning and development has increasingly migrated to the cloud in recent years, and with increased velocity as the world shifted to remote work. Similarly, Brainier worked quickly to add features to further enable remote learning within the Brainier LMS.

Why Brainier?

           We shared our vision for the future of human capital management in an article a little while back about solutions working together to ease the challenges in the world of work. (Read the article HERE.) We know that L&D doesn’t exist in a vacuum and that most organizations have multiple HR tech platforms in play. That’s why Brainier offers integrations with work-tech platforms to deliver a more robust experience for the user. Brainier has seen tremendous success through ADP Marketplace in connecting organizations that seek a better way to deliver learning with The Brainier LMS. In fact, Brainier is considered a “Platinum” partner, and the flagship product, The Brainier LMS is considered a “Bestseller” on the storefront.

Find Brainier on ADP Marketplace.

Making The Switch

            Changing work tech platforms can be difficult for organizations, especially at scale. Not every company can describe itself as agile, responsive, and nimble. For this reason, Brainier has created a data connector app, available through ADP Marketplace and conveniently called “the Brainier Connector for ADP Workforce Now® Next Generation,” to help facilitate change. This connector allows for single sign-on to the Brainier LMS from the new HCM platform. This makes adding new employees easier from an administrative standpoint, as well as the onboarding process.

The Next Generation of HR Tech

            The work environment of the future is undecided; however, the expectations and demands of HR tech platforms are forever changed. Making HR resources available for people is a must, whether they are in-person, hybrid, or remote. Brainier is proud to be the first LMS to build an integration with this next-generation ADP solution. Learning and development continues to be a vital component to an organization’s success and part of the employee value proposition. Brainier continues to develop next-generation products to make learning a seamless process in the day-to-day experience for every employee.

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