Convince Your Boss

How to approach your boss about attending the 2024 Brainier Summit

Convince Your Boss

Attending the 2024 Brainier Summit can serve as a vital tool to help you and your organization grow. However, communicating the benefits to your boss can be challenging, so we’ve put together some tips and resources to help start the conversation and overcome common objections.

Step 1 – Make a Plan

Review the full agenda to map out a mix of tactical and strategic sessions that will benefit you, your team, and your organization as a whole.

  • Choose a variety of sessions that you think will provide the most value and explain the impact they could make.
  • Consider walking through the Brainier Summit website together to review the program and speaker lineup.

Step 2 – Net out the takeaways

Be ready to discuss why attending the Brainier Summit will make you (and The Brainier LMS) a better asset to your company. 

  • Explain the ROI of sending you to the event.
  • Discuss your goals for the event. Be sure to voice anything specific that you hope to gain, such as a better understanding of how to build engaging custom HTML pages in The Brainier LMS, for example.

Step 3 – Leverage Your Communication Skills

If you need help overcoming common objections, take a look at these responses below:

 Objection: “It’s too expensive.”

Your response: “This two-day event will have benefits that will carry over through the rest of the year and beyond, so it’s a great value. It looks like a seat was included in our contract, too, so this might be an investment worth making for our entire team.”

Objection: “You can’t be away from the office for two days.”

Your response: “These are two days away from the office that I’ll be gathering information and best practices that will benefit our organization. Additionally, there are ample breaks and free time built into the agenda where I can be available to check in and put out any fires.”

Your closing argument: “When I get back from the conference, I’ll schedule a download session with those who couldn’t attend. I’ll present my notes and speaker handouts from all the sessions I attended. We can even see the recordings of each session to reference any topic we want to drill down on. I’ll recommend new ideas for our entire team and how they can be incorporated into our processes. I’ll share all the great resource material I picked up from the vendors exhibiting at the event who can save us money. Sending me or our team to the conference means elevating our whole team — and when our work improves, you look good, too.” 



How to Register

Click the link below to register. If you have pre-paid for a seat, check your email for the unique promo code or follow the prompts to purchase a seat directly.

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