The Brainier LMS offers built-in gamification features designed to engage learners, inspire friendly competition, and recognize & reward standout performers using behavioral nudges.

How Brainier Helps

Create Leaderboards

Leaderboards can identify top performers with the built-in points system. Administrators can customize create goals to boost engagement with the LMS for actions like completing training, consistently accessing the platform, and many others.

Badges & Ranks

Learners can unlock badges and ranks within The Brainier LMS through activities such as completing a course, sharing learning content, forum posts, and more. Admins can easily create custom badges and configure rules.

Enhance Existing Programs

Create behavioral “nudges” in the LMS by recommending relevant learning content. Suggestions for additional courses can be based on job titles, locations, completed courses, and more.

Boosting Learner Engagement

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