My Workspace

In reviewing the article “The Happy Office”, I am reminded that we spend one third of our day or more at the office. Even if our personal space is small, we can still make it feel more comfortable and enjoyable by adding our own personal touch to it. According to the American Society of Interior Designers, employees who are happy with their physical workspace are 31 percent more likely to be happy with their jobs. This article discusses a couple of ways to brighten up your cubical. The first is while having a clean organized desk is optimal, try to have one area that you can leave a little messy such as a white board or bulletin board. This will create an inspirational spot that allows your creative juices to flow. Another thing is good lighting which is essential to help with headaches and prevent eyestrain and a plant or two will help to purify the air around you. Try to keep your desk fairly organized and make sure you have a comfortable chair or balance ball to help with posture. Standing while working, or getting some walking in during the day, along with some natural sunlight is always helpful. I have several things in my cube that I brought from home including pictures of my son which always make me feel a little more at home and work a little more enjoyable.  

-Beki Ali (CSR)