BI WORLDWIDE Certifies Chameleon 2.0 eLearning on TTN Learning élan LMS

April 17, 2015 – MINNEAPOLIS, MN

Chameleon 2.0 custom learning solutions are now available on élan Learning Management System.

BI WORLDWIDE (BIW), a recognized leader in employee engagement, announced that it has certified its Chameleon 2.0 custom eLearning courses on the TTN Learning élan LMS. TTN Learning is a provider of award winning, cloud-based learning management systems.

“We’re delighted to be able to deliver and track custom eLearning built by BIW,” said Jerry Cox, President of TTN Learning. “We’re especially impressed with how Chameleon 2.0 eLearning plays on PCs as well as tablets and smartphones of all operating systems. iOS, Android, Windows, Mac – it doesn’t matter. Chameleon 2.0 courses play on all systems. And our clients can make their own updates to the eLearning once the course is complete.”

Chameleon 2.0 leverages the latest in software technology that allows BIW to create a course once, then have it play on any device – including 10 year old legacy browsers like Internet Explorer 8. After building the custom eLearning course, BIW clients can use the Course Editor to make changes or translate their own course into multiple languages. Dozens of screen layouts, hundreds of screen variations and learning games keep the courses fresh and interactive.

“We’re really impressed with the élan LMS,” said Peder Jacobson, Vice President of Learning at BI WORLDWIDE. “TTN Learning has done a superb job of developing a system that provides an excellent experience for today’s mobile learners and accommodates content of any type.”

The élan LMS is TTNLearning’s latest and most innovative LMS platform. Elan has already received numerous industry awards for technology and innovation including Brandon Hall awards for excellence and advances in technology. Built on a social stream with standard mobile device capabilities and globalization, the system provides unlimited collaboration, 24×7, worldwide.


BI WORLDWIDE is a global engagement agency that uses the principles of behavioral economics to produce measurable results for its clients by driving and sustaining engagement with their employees, channel partners and customers. Supporting 120 countries through seven global headquarters and operating in 22 languages, BIW continues to bring best in class solutions to its global and regional customers. For more information, visit

About Brainier

TTN is now Brainier. Brainier is a wholly owned subsidiary of BI Worldwide, a Minneapolis-based company specializing in employee engagement. Since 1995, TTN has helped clients improve, grow and achieve company and employee goals using e-learning, in-house training and mobile-based training courses. Brainier’s Learning Management System (LMS) uses full-motion video streaming with interactive learning for maximum results. Their course offerings cover a vast array of subjects including sales, management, team building, human resources, marketing, computers, and safety. Their corporate headquarters is in Minneapolis, MN. For more information, visit