TTN Officially Releases New Élan Enterprise Learning Platform Amid Industry Buzz

February 19, 2013 – MINNEAPOLIS, MN

Total Training Network (TTN), a leading Learning Management System (LMS) and online training provider, officially announced today the release of the new Élan Enterprise Learning Platform.

After nearly two years in development, the Élan system was designed to accommodate the changing and growing needs of TTN’s larger customers and more sophisticated users. Throughout the design and development process, TTN received input from hundreds of customers around the globe regarding the new learning platform.

“Our team developed this system from the ground up starting with a sophisticated proprietary database design,” said TTN President, Jerry Cox. “We then built the entire system around a social layer, which connects everything. Because all users can share all knowledge, it’s really a Social Learning Management System.”

The Élan system provides maximum flexibility to accommodate even the most complex organizational structures. It also provides unprecedented on-screen flexibility of all functionality using definable and movable “gadgets.” The intuitive system includes an easy-to-use reporting tool, which can provide thousands of measurements and performance reports.

Additional features of the Élan system:

  • Integration with company-specific social networking tools
  • Unprecedented customization options
  • Over 1,000 standard report options and unlimited flexibility in custom reporting
  • Content authoring capabilities for quizzes, coursework, surveys, etc.
  • Full globalization support

TTN released their first LMS, called the TTNLearning Legacy LMS, in 2001. That system continues to be supported and used by companies of all sizes around the world.

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