Learning Content Topics

Learning content libraries built-in to The Brainier LMS, grouped by topic.

Built-In Content Library

Brainier offers a built-in learning content library featuring the most commonly covered topics. Brainier also partners with top content providers to offer an extensive library of off-the-shelf learning content.

HR Compliance

A baseline need for every organization. Brainier offers compliance content to satisfy many state and industry regulations.

HR Compliance Content >>


Banker’s Academy, a collection of courses covering financial literacy for a variety of businesses.

Finance Content >>

Leadership Development

A growing library of courses that focuses on mentoring, management, and leadership.

Leadership Content >>


Communication and Productivity courses designed to boost day-to-day efficiencies as well as overall strategies.

Productivity Content >>

Customer Support

A growing library of learning materials centered on delivering meaningful and personal customer support.

Customer Support Content >>

A smart gentleman ecstatic about the capabilities of his Brainier Learner Analytics suite.

Skills Development

Skills Development Content >>



Transportation Content >>

Looking for something else to add to your learning content library? We’ll help you find it!